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Estrucplan Consultora S.A.

About Us

Nuestra EmpresaEstrucplan Consultora S.A. was born by the continuous exercise of the technical-profesional attention towards the industries and it developed taking into consideration that this attention transformed into tactical and strategical assesment should be and should had been day by day more founded in a multidisciplinary service that puts togheter the analysis of the laboral microclime and environment problems, understanding that with this the quality of the production, workers health, optimization of the process , waste disminution , minimization and nuetralization of impacts, prevention, training,etc., are an unique and unsoluble body that will interact generating hygiene, safety, health and environment policies.

For this our enterprise has started a no returning way towards the constant modernization, incorporation of direct readinng mesure technology, complete informatization of our services, permanent contact with our clients, the fastest arrival in case of emergency, regular visits controled by our authomatized database , selfcontrol and insidecontrol among our differents areas, the permanent registry of our acts,etc. Was this actittude the one that become the primal base from where we keep our ISO 9001 Certification.

This makes us a Service Enterprise, that does not only plays a punctual position, but that also fixed public positions incase of burocratichal disperpouses that generates rules and procidures from where some Aplication Authorities give place to deformating poles that attempth against argentine industrial development. The active policies that are demanded with the objective that our industry surmount the present market adverse conditions are affirmed in the environmental area, in the uphold development, and will be supported necesarily in the non superposition of rules, some of them developed with at least a centralizing concept , with maximun a collective objective and possibly generating by action or omition the stablishment of real service recess addressed, not giving to the competition, stoping the profesional development, increasing even more the argentine cost. The strict application of the law, the honorable and profesional exercise of the public function are, when applicated with property and capacity,tools enaf to prevent and control.

Who we are? An advisory that grows, that helps with its acts to stop pollution, to prevent accidents and profesional deseasse creating with it better competitive conditions, making us and the industrials , and we are proud of it, faithfull industry service givers.



18.451 Rivadavia Av.- 1st floor
Morón (1708) Bs. As. Prv ARGENTINA
Te/Fax: 4627-4383 (revolving lines)
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estrucplan works in all the country under ISO 9001:1994 standars